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Welcome to CB Intelligence, host of the CBI National Banking Survey.

Interested in what the media has to say about CBI and benchmarking?

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2009 Survey of Canadian Bank Pricing Now Available

Welcome and Enjoy Your Stay

Welcome to CB Intelligence (CBI), Canada’s only source of borrowing cost and service fee benchmarking data.

Why should you be concerned with benchmarking banking costs? Because, in most companies, borrowing costs and bank fees are an untapped source of value. $25,000 cost spreads between companies that benchmark, and those that don’t, aren’t unusual. Add foreign exchange to the mix and potential savings could easily double. Change the yardstick to value creation and companies looking at substantial increases in shareholder value are commonplace.

Intrigued? We’re not surprised. It’s not everyday you come across significant untapped cost saving opportunities. But there’s a catch. To capture these savings you have to understand why the banks have dominated fee negotiations for so long. You also have to admit that, when negotiating with your bank, you need help. The playing field is far from level.

Which brings us to the reason for this site.

The secret to unlocking borrowing cost and service fee cost savings is benchmarking. Getting the benchmarking information you need for bank negotiations is a two step process:

First spend a half an hour perusing this site.  It’s chock full of insights into the “art” of borrowing cost and bank fee negotiations.  It will open your eyes to the cost savings that are hidden in your banking arrangements.

Second, check out CBI’s 2009 Survey of Canadian Bank Pricing.  It’s the tool you need to level bank “paying” fields.  To preview the Report’s opening chapter click Introduction. To see the Report’s Table of Contents click Table of Contents. Want the Reader’s Digest version of what the Report covers? Click on 2009 Survey Report.

Interested in purchasing the Report?  In recessionary times, when money is tight, the 2009 Survey of Canadian Bank Pricing is one of the few cash outlays you can make that pays its own way.  The cost compared to the potential return is insignificant.  To purchase the Report click on Purchase Report.

We’ll close this introduction with a thank you and an observation.

First, the thank you.  To the companies and financial executives that took the time to complete CBI’s National Banking Survey, CBI thanks you.  The half hour you invested made a difference.

The 2009 version of CBI’s National Banking Survey is now closed.  The 2010 version of the Survey will be activated in January 2010.  We urge all financial executives to make the time to complete the 2010 Survey.  When it comes to managing bank pricing, survey participation is a big part of the difference between being part of the problem and part of the solution.

Now the observation. One company, working alone, can’t solve the information asymmetry problem that frustrates attempts to manage Canadian bank pricing.  The number and distribution of businesses in Canada makes this impossible.  Developing a borrowing cost and bank fee benchmarking database must be a collaborative effort.

We are accustomed to reading about peer-to-peer applications that create value, but not in a financial context.  Skype software, for example, harnesses the collective computing power of peers, allowing them to speak with one another free of charge on the internet.  Wikipedia runs on software that lets enthusiasts edit the content of encyclopedia web pages.  The on-line encyclopedia is now ten times as large as the Encyclopedia Britannica.  Linux, the simple version of UNIX, has grown to be a major operating system on the basis of on-line collaboration. Anyone can use Linux for free, as long as they make their programming changes available to others,

CBI’s National Banking Survey and the resulting 2009 Survey of Canadian Bank Pricing derive their utility from widespread user participation.  More survey participants mean better pricing data and a more powerful the benchmarking tool.   CBI represents, on a small scale, the value that can accrue to companies that collaborate with peers across corporate boundaries.  It’s a limited, but powerful example, of how mass collaboration is shaping and changing business.

We’ll leave you now with this thought. In bank negotiations, benchmarking will deliver a better banking deal, more efficiently, than any other negotiating strategy. It’s your passport to borrowing cost and service fee cost savings.

Now enjoy the rest of your stay.


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